Nakahara Arisa

Arisa Nakahara was born in Okinawa in 1984 and completed a master degree in
Japanese Style Painting from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2011.
Most of her works are portraits of women with vivid color contrast combining
boldness and delicacy which have certain loveliness. “No matter where the starting
point is, if she has the strength to live, she will definitely shine!” Nakahara said.
The artist will be continuously creating the ”long-lasting sparkles” through the works.
Art Fair Tokyo 2017 / Booth Shukado
Group Exhibition / Necollection / Shukado Gallery
Art Fair Tokyo 2016 / Booth Shukado
Young Art Taipei 2016 / Booth Shukado
Published / Nakahara Arisa's Art Book
Art Fair Tokyo 2015 / Booth Shukado
Young Art Taipei 2015 / Booth Shukado
Art Taipei 2015 / Booth Shukado
Group Exhibition / Yurei-ga (Paintings of Japanese Ghosts) in the middle of winter / Shukado Gallery
Participated in the joint exhibition / Flamboyant Colors
Joint Exhibition / Toko Okamato and Arisa Nakahara / Shukado Gallery
Art Fair Tokyo 2013 / Booth Shukado
Solo exhibition / Dazzling Splendor of Japanese Art
Group Exhibition / Eleven Girls Art Collection
Selected by the competition / Festival of Japanese painting brush and artworks /
Selected by "Coppice Art Program at Coppice kichijoji Store
Group Exhibition / Urawa 2012 Art debutants
Awarded the prize / Gekkan Bijutsu at the 15th / Shinsei-ten / Shinseido.
Awarded / Art Gate Program / Mitsubishi Trading Company
Selected by 14th "Art Gate Program" sponsored by Mitsubishi Trading Company.