We will start "online exhibition" on our website

In these days every places and evey paole need to stay with the mood of "self-restraint".

We really understand seriously, but on the other hand we need to go ahead by ourselves…we can't stop our breathing, the eating and the sleeping to keep our life.

But at the same time it is an essential element to enjoy its days.
We can say it is the original source of the power to live.

To cultivate ability for it we need "something"…literature, music, images…like somethings that someone tells you.We feel maybe now is the time we need it.

We decided to start "online exhibition" on our website in the exhibition we are planning to show the artworks from the canceled exhibition in our gallery or art fairs, also it could be the place to show the artworks from young talented artists.

Before this situation started we have felt sense of crisis that we need to make more connections with art in our daily life but in the real situation there are only a few.

We hope our exhibitions could make a good connection for you. And it will be our pleasure if we could find the artwork as a partner in your daily life from our collection.

We hope we can share with you 'something ' that makes your life more delightful.

(Director of Gallery SHUKADO Chiaki Tanaka)

As a first step,
we will start "Okamoto Toko Solo Exhibition -The real of women-" from 24th of April at 12:00 PM.