Shukado Art Gallery was founded in 2003, by Jichiro Tanaka, the former vice president of Shibunkaku, antique and rare books gallery at Kyoto,founded in 1937. We specialize in a variety Japanese art forms such as calligraphy from the Heian period (794–1185AD) to modern, Ukiyoe wood block prints (17th and 18th centuries), Edo era drawings and antiques (between 1603 and 1868). we regularly organize museum-quality exhibitions of contemporary Japanese artists at its upscale Ginza location and prominent art fairs, including Ikenaga Yasunari, Kusama Yayoi, Okamoto Toko, Nakahara Arisa, Suzuki Hiroo, Hattori Shihori, Kitagawa Maiko, Mishima Tetsuya, Kakinuma Hiroki, Uchida Suzume, Chen Pei Yi and Otake Ayana. Our contemporary artists have been popularised in mainstream media.

The Tanaka family have been art collectors and dealers for many years and the Shibunkaku Gallery’s principal Shin Tanaka helped build important private and public collection of rare books, documents, art and antiques that are coherent in concept, period, and quality.

Jichiro Tanaka continued to extend his father’s legacy for 40 years in Tokyo before handing over the beacon to his son Chiaki who currently presides over the gallery. Having dabbled in farming, systems engineering and some amateur film making, Chiaki has been promoting both ancient and modern Japanese art for over 15 years.

You can find more information on the gallery’s website and their catalogue.