Closing in on Our Artists (Vol. 4) Nakahara Arisa | Catalog "Shukado" Summer 2017

Nakahara Arisa has a magical power. That’s the power to see. It is said that Medusa will change the gazer into a stone. She is the reverse. When she see something, she turns into a stone. She sees too much. So it is scary for her to even see eggplants.
Among her virgin art book “Yuunareba hana”, she is showing off her own dress-up dolls drawn at the time of second grade elementary school. Illustrator Nakamura Yusuke is surprised at its detailed depiction. She could see everything that ordinary children could not see.

「For some reason」2017

With the power to oversee, she paints. Maybe because of that, her works has no brush strokes. In general, even in a painting that looks precise, as you approach the painting skin, you can see the movement of that person’s hand, the so-called “touch”, but her works don’t leave the trace, like a perfectly refined pottery. You could not know without looking at pictures directly. A new life is born there.


Her pictures have a magical infectious power.
Currently she collaborates with cosmetics maker Flowfushi, and I frequently see advertisements that made use of her illustration in street corners. It is fun to see her “power” changing the landscape of the world. Her “face” will be spreading further from now as a “face” of the times. (Chiaki Tanaka, President of Shukado)