Sugita Yohei

A canvas wearing skin made of paint. A sculpture made of solvent commonly used by dental technicians. Sending out piece after piece of artwork that defies expectations, Sugita says his motto is not to have a set form. He jettisons back and forth; half his style continuously pursues the true nature of painting while the other responds to collectors’ expectations or deftly betrays them altogether. Sugita may seem like he takes defenseless tactics, but in reality his world is built on his unparalleled knowledge of art and his refined sensibilities regarding art history. What will his love of art produce next? The very process of transformation is embodied in the artist himself.
Art Shenzhen/ Shenzhen Convention& Exhibition Center/ Shenzhen
Young artist exhibition of break inevitable expectation/ Daimaru Tokyo, the tenth floor Art Gallery/ Tokyo
Tokyo Independent 2019/Tokyo University of the Arts Chinretsukan Gallery/ Ueno, Tokyo
ART CENTRAL 2019 / Central Harborfront/ Hong Kong/ Booth GALLERY KOGURE
Solo Exhibition / Material world / HANKYU MEN’S TOKYO 7F / Tokyo
Pre-breakthrough~ Exhibition of the next generation artists~ / A/D GALLERYRoppongi Hills / Tokyo
Art Fair Tokyo 2019 / Tokyo International Forum / Tokyo/ Booth GALLERY KOGURE
Art Fair Philippines 2019/ THE LINK/ Manila/ Booth GALLERY KOGURE
ONE ART Taipei 2019/ The Sherwood Taipei/ Taipei/ Booth GALLERY KOGURE
Pre-breakthrough~ Exhibition of the next generation artists~ / MEDEL GALLERY SHU, Imperial Hotel Plaza / Tokyo
TOKYO ILLUSION / Taichung Art Centre / Taipei
Pre-breakthrough~ Exhibition of the next generation artists~ / Bunkamura Gallery / Tokyo
Solo Exhibition / The works of genius dream in Atlantis. / TAGBOAT / Tokyo
Solo Exhibition / Meeting, space, temptation, and / LUCUA1100 7F DMOARTS / Osaka
Solo Exhibition / Flower petal of paintings / H.P.FRANCE WINDOW GALLERY MARUNOUCHI / Tokyo
Solo Exhibition / the intergalactic / MEGUMIOGITA Gallery / Tokyo
Solo Exhibition / If impressionist and Gutai keep a friendly relationship / Minnano Gallery / Tokyo
Nakanojo Biennale / Gumma
Solo Exhibition / New works and collections / Minnano Gallery / Tokyo
Solo Exhibition / Rabbit Eyes / MAKI FINE ARTS Gallery / Tokyo
Solo Exhibition / Never Ending Story / Seibu Shibuya Art Gallery /Tokyo
Solo Exhibition / BLACK SWAN / MEGUMIOGITA Gallery / Tokyo
CROSSOVER / AKI Gallery / Taiwan
KISS THE HEART #2 / Mitsukoshi Nihombashi Department / Tokyo
Solo Exhibition / The Hours / Sprout Curation Gallery / Tokyo
Bringing art back home, fun and warm days begin / Curated by Ishinabe Hiroko / Ginza Mitsukoshi 8F Gallery / Tokyo
Solo Exhibition / Ecce Homo / ZENFOTO gallery / Tokyo
Solo Exhibition / emotional wild / gallery4walls / Seoul, Korea
Exhibition by collections of Yamamoto Fuyuhiko / Sato Museum / Tokyo
ART in The AKY Curated by Amano Taro/ Shin-Marunouchi Building/ Tokyo
Solo Exhibition / SUGITA YOHEI / Tokyo Metropolitan Government / Tokyo
Solo Exhibition / platonic painting / Gallrey MoMo /Tokyo
Solo Exhibition / happy painting / Tokyo wonder site Hongo / Tokyo
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