Closing in on Our Artists (Vol. 13) Otake Ayana | Catalog "Shukado" Autumn 2019

Ikenaga Yasunari has made it a rule to paint portrait in the style of traditional Japanese painting about ten years ago and we Shukado Gallery have watched his “sort of movement” ever since, as we also are interested in “Beauty painting” of Meiji, Taisho and Showa period.

It is only natural that we feel like to paint if there is a beauty before us. In fact, in the context of modern art, it is not an easy task to paint beauty to promote art scene and directing it to a kind of tendency.

In spite of this fact, Ikenaga has acquired not a small number of followers and Otake Ayana is definitely one of influential players.

大竹 彩奈「計謀」2017

However, she has not started to paint under the influence of Ikenaga. Yet her descriptive power fostered up by the traditional education in the Tokyo University of Arts is outstanding.
Although giving high place to the traditional technique of color painting on silk and line drawing, she depicts the portraits in modernized chic design and structure, adding a new page to the context of Japanese paintings.

What entices us of her paintings is “eroticism “.
When female painters paint a beauty, it may well say that they have tendency of self projections. As it is, it is not necessarily an easy task to express “eroticism”.

So far as she is concerned, the momentum of becoming painter came from seeing the female portrait painted by Chinai Kyosuke for the cover of “Kura” written by Miyao Tomiko.

大竹 彩奈「Nevertheless」2019

Moreover, she has kind of aspiration and inferiority complex toward the beauty of her sister.

Being enough equal in her beauty, she still feels longing her sister, she tried to hide behind
and aimed at painting female eroticism through her sister as a model.

That’s why her objects to paint has become from her outside instead of inner side.
What is eroticism from female view points is her pursuit yet her world is very simple and straight forward in a sense.

クレ・ド・ポー ボーテ2019ホリデーコレクション 「KIMONO DREAM」©資生堂

Otake has a good skill to paint not only the illustrations of novels but also many genres of paintings like portraits, landscape and historical paintings based on her traditional technique of Japanese painting. In the present-day art market, the foundation of existence of Japanese painting is swaying.
If you think about it, her contribution of enhancing the power and possibilities of Japanese painting must not be ignored.

Lately, for the Christmas limited collection items 2019 of clé de peau BEATÉ of SHISEIDO Luxury Cosmetics, her package design was selected.
This is most fit for her work as she is yearning for the world of female beauty and eroticism.

This fall, SHUKADO Gallery is planning to hold the exhibition of two female artists, Otake Ayana and Okamoto Toko at the Art Fair to be held at Tokyo Art Club.
Their common theme is “desire”.
We are looking forward to this exhibition to see how these two artists develop their thoughts on this human fundamental factor through their works.

東美アートフェア2019「岡本東子・大竹彩奈 二人展」 10/4~6 開催

Exhibition: 東美アートフェア2019「岡本東子・大竹彩奈 二人展」
外部リンク:ホリデーコレクション | クレ・ド・ポー ボーテ

大竹 彩奈