Closing in on Our Artists (Vol. 2) Okamoto Toko | Catalog "Shukado" Winter 2016

For us, Okamoto Toko is an artist Ikenaga Yasunari found. Ikenaga was looking for a “fellow” of a painter who painted a so-called beautiful women painting, like him. Then it was her name that he occasionally mentioned as a mysterious painter whose contact information was unknown. Her works found on the web site had a charm that took off with unfathomable fever and did not diverge our eyes. After many long years of search, we met with the chance and started exhibiting with us.

Okamoto Toko「Revitalisation」2016

Okamoto is probably trying to find out the essence of women inside herself. It is an image of female before it is named “women”. While protruding ambiguously from the role of “women”, the women in her works have presence with sexy appearance. How far does her journey reach, to find the essence of the beauty? We are watching with expectation. (Chiaki Tanaka, President of Shukado)

Okamoto Toko「伏して這い渡る」2015
Okamoto Toko