Closing in on Our Artists (Vol. 12) Hattori Shihori | Catalog "Shukado" Summer 2019

Her drawing lines are making a whirl, raging, and jumping.
We don’t know where they are dashing to. A figure with a fierce look and animals like birds are depicted in a strange harmony, moving about lively, sometime, with cute gesture and, some other time, with a seemingly intelligent look.

Hattori Shihori「What is MOTHER」2018

An array of her art works I had seen for the first time in an Art Fair in Tokyo gave me a strong impression but at the same time with a faint resistance in a sense.
I had kind of a feeling of meeting an undiscovered talent with huge possibility.
However, equally,
I had a vague doubt that this talent might be a just spooky temporary makeshift. Who is she at all?

Hattori Shihori「Bright」2017

So, I had several conversations
with the gallery owners who were already handling her works and moreover had the very chance of meeting her in person.
She appeared in front of me striding on a bike.
Beguiling the punchy images of her drawings, she cuts a figure of winsome girl in fairly small frame.
In an elegantly warm Kyoto dialect, she said that the guys in her paintings are the symbols of her idols.
I again was appalled by the fact the guys in rampage in her paintings are her ideal symbols.
She added that she would like to cherish Japan as one of Japanese and she would value lines, as most Japanese painters do.

As a matter of fact, I came to understand her somehow.
The vehement world of her paintings is not just a bluff.
For her it is a natural and essential element of her representation.
I finally made a contract with her and now three years has already passed.

Hattori Shihori「Dependent Co-Arising」2019

At art Kyoto2019 to be held this September, we are going to hold her exhibition together with her husband Takuro Nomura, contemporary artist. In a Japanese style room with the view of Nijo Castle in Kyoto
we plan to have our booth of two-man show.
What means that she cherishes on Japan?
I am looking forward to seeing their answer
on this matter.

Exhibition: artKYOTO2019

Hattori Shihori