Hattori Shihori

Born in Kyoto and completed a master degree in Japanese Style Painting from the Kyoto City University of Arts in 2013. "The Essence of Eastern Painting is the line." She explores the paradise hidden in this word. It is her trust that realizes the moment when the line is no longer an element, that embodies the independent beauty, that becomes free in a true sense, and that enriches her and others' hearts.
Exhibit dedication of Fusuma-e (Painting on a sliding screen) / Tenyuji temple / Nagasaki
Solo Exhibition / TANBO / Zokyudo Gallery / Kyoto
Group Exhibition / Evolution of Japanese-style painting / Gifu prefecture Group museum / Gifu
Solo Exhibition /Brush and Rooster/ Art Taguchi / Gifu
Group Exhibition / Kyoto Municipal Museum / Kyoto
Group Exhibition / The Museum of Kyoto / Higashikatamachi, Kyoto
Art Fair Tokyo 2014 / Tokyo International Forum / Booth Art Taguchi
Solo Exhibition / Zokyudo Gallery / Kyoto
Solo Exhibition / Art Taguchi / Gifu, Houkan Fine Art / Aichi
Group Exhibition / Dojidai Gallery of art / Kyoto
Selected by 15th "Art Gate Program" sponsored by Mitsubishi Trading Company
Graduation Works Exhibitions of Kyoto City University of Arts / Kyoto Municipal Museum / Kyoto
Kyoten 2011 / Kyoto Municipal Museum / Kyoto
Aoi Iwami no Geijutsusai Festival / Sekisho Art Museum / Shimane