Women as "bowls"- Interview with Nakahara Arisa | Art Collectors March 2016

Born in 1984, Nakahara Arisa is a young Japanese-style painter who has gained high recognition with her colorful, passionate and dignified woman portraits. Her student’s work , a group of naked women in realism style giving a dark atmosphere which poses a great contrast of her present works.


I met a female model and was captivated by her vulnerability so I kept drawing her for a period of time. Somehow, when I looked back, I found that in my creations, the horror of death and the anxiety toward uncertainty spoke more than anything else which was definitely not my intention. I then started to rethink what I really want to demonstrate through my works. Firstly, I hope they are pieces that people would cast a glance at. And most of all, I want to transmit a message that life is limited, that’s why we should make the best of every single moment. I haven’t changed but my works has gradually moved from flat to stereoscopic. I am a fan of Nakahara Junichi. I think that he hopes the women in his illustrations are always gorgeous no matter what era it is . For me, I always make good effort to bring out the attractive eyes.I hope my ladies could be like “bowls”, They are no one particular but themselves, most of all, who always carry positive values. I like music, and the idea of composition came to my mind very often. I also admire those who can play piano super fast. However, what we want to do is not usually the same with what we can do. I am clumsy, so I bear constantly in mind that all I can do is working extremely hard on the details without regretting. (at artist’s atelier)