Kamine Takuma

Fundamental basis of Japanese culture is indigenous nature worship as well as Buddhism imported from India via China. From ancient times, Japanese accepted various “gods” reigning over universe without notion of one God.

After the war, what captured the heart of children were robot animation like Gandam or Evangelion. Japanese children like robot heroes very much as a symbol of justice, so to speak, virtue rewarded, vice punished.
His works are embodiments of a metaphor expressing modern Japan and old and new Japanese cultures.

For example, the “face” represented by real animal bones is an evidence of his pursuit on the subject of what means Japanese.
Group Exhibition/ Osamu Tzuka's 90th anniversary of birth-I LOVE MANGA/ MDP GALLERY/ Aobadai, Tokyo
Group Exhibition/ Selection of new and Group Exhibition/ elite artists recommend 2019/ SILKLAND GALLERY/ Ginza, Tokyo
Solo exhibition / Takuma Kamine: Myо̄-о̄ in the Shell Interpretations of Buddhist Sculpture / The Japan Foundation, LA, USA
「MYO-O,Replicate drawing No. 2 Trailokyavijaya」 Public collection of LACMA / Los Angels
「8 Guardians, the Vidya ver. 2017 Trailokyavijaya」 Public collection of LACMA / Los Angels
「8 Guardians, Drawing No. 2 Trailokyavijaya」 Public collection of LACMA / Los Angels
Kobe Art Marche 2018/ Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel/ Kobe, Hyogo/ Booth Gallery Hayashi
Solo exhibition / Japonica Buddha / The Hive Art Gallery and Studios, Los Angeles
Solo exhibition / Sahasrabhuja R.K ∞ /1000/arton art gallery, Kyoto
Group Exhibition/ Shanghai , in the rain/ Shun Art Gallery/ Shanghai, China
Group Exhibition / Selection of new and elite artists | - one step beyond - / SILKLAND GALLERY/ Ginza, Tokyo
Group Exhibition/ Tatsunoko × ART/ MDP GALLERY/ Aobadai, Tokyo
Solo exhibition / Apsaras in flight / EARTH+GALLERY, Tokyo
Solo exhibition / 21st Century,The future of Takaamahara / Bunkamura Box Gallery, Tokyo
Kyoto Art for Tomorrow / The Museum of Kyoto , Kyoto
Art Fair Tokyo 2017 / Tokyo International Forum / Yurakucho, Tokyo/ Booth Gallery Kouzome
Solo exhibition / Apsaras in flight/ EARTH+GALLERY/ Kiba, Tokyo
Group Exhibition/ Kyoto Art for Tomorrow/ The Museum of Kyoto/ Sanjo-Takakura, Kyoto
Solo exhibition / Hole dimension 8Gardiens + α / arton art gallery, Kyoto
Group exhibition /See Visions / arton art gallery, Kyoto
KAN-HIKARI ART EXPO 2016/ Mitera Sennyu-ji/ Kyoto
Solo exhibition / HOMURA /EARTH+GALLERY, Tokyo
KAN-HIKARI ART EXPO 2015 / Tokyo and Kamakura
Solo exhibition / 33G → 28Gardiens Logical Thinking Material/ arton art gallery, Kyoto
Mr. I collection exhibition /Akutsu gallery, Gunma
KAN-HIKARI ART EXPO 2014 /Kamakura, Kanagawa
Solo exhibition / 12 Gardiens, the Devas / GALERIE SOL, Tokyo
Solo exhibition / 108 guardian Golden DAIDARA / METAL ART MUSEUM HIKARINOTANI, Chiba
Solo exhibition/ 12 Guardian - M /GALERIE SOL, Tokyo
Mr.I Mr.Y collection exhibition /Akutsu gallery, Gunma
Solo exhibition/ BAVEL’s /GALERIE SOL, Tokyo
+PLUS Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair 2010 / Tokyo Art Club, Tokyo
Solo exhibition / Atlanticus / GALERIE SOL, Tokyo
Award / 4th MOVE Art Management - Portfolio Competition / Jury Prize
Award / 4th MOVE Art Management - Portfolio Competition / Jury Prize
Solo exhibition / Gluttony Adam and Eve / gallery OPEN DOOR, Tokyo
Solo exhibition / Order ∞ Chaos / gallery OPEN DOOR, Tokyo
Birth Art! Artist Award Exhibition / Hachioji YUME Art Museum, Tokyo
Hirake Goma! vol.2 Birth Art / Hachioji YUME Art Museum, Tokyo
Award / Hirake Goma! vol.2 Birth Art / Quasi Award
Tokyo Wonderwall 2003 /Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo
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