Kusumi Erika

Today, genres are meaningless upon the horizon of art. Ever since photography appeared on the scene 200 years ago, artists have continuously questioned the purpose of their own existence. Photographer and web designer Erika Kusumi is a logical and clever photography artist. Traditionally, collages are made by cutting out images from magazines and the like, but she uses material she has photographed herself and delivers calculated, unified, and remarkable images that defy visual expectations. When examined in detail, her collages which are clearly influenced by surrealism are scattered with familiar buildings and roads; futuristic and nostalgic all at once, they beckon one to the edge of a sensation of intoxication. Idealism toward “destruction” of the human body and landscapes crosses with the maternal instinct of “rebirth”, and the result effortlessly goes beyond simply provoking surprise.
ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA 2019/ Hotel Okura Fukuoka/ Fukuoka, Fukuoka/ Booth Gallery Monma
Solo Exhibition/ Polyhedron/ Gallery Monma/ Sapporo, Hokkaido
Group Exhibition/ Planis Hall/ Sapporo, Hokkaido
"VOCA 2019 Exhibition", The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
Group Exhibition / 3331 Art Fair 2018 / 3331 Arts Chiyoda / Tokyo
Group Exhibition / Utopia & Chaos / MINA-TO / Spiral 1F / Tokyo
Group Exhibition / MINA-TO 2nd Anniversary / Spring Light
Group Exhibition / CASE: 10 -scape / CIBONE CASE / Tokyo
Solo Exhibition / FAbULOUS WALL / Erika Kusumi Exhibition / FAbULOUS / Hokkaido
Solo Exhibition / Corridor of Kaleidscope / Galley Monma ANNEX / Hokkaido
ART FAIR SAPPORO 2017 / Galley Monma / Cross Hotel / Hokkaido
Group Exhibition / Motion-Emotion | Invigorated City / Sapporo Art Museum / Sapporo Art Park / Hokkaido
ART FAIR SAPPORO 2016 / Galley Monma / Cross Hotel / Hokkaido
Group Exhibition / the art fair +plus-ultra 2016 / from Galley Monma / Spiral / Tokyo
Solo Exhibition / FAbULOUS WALL Featuring Erika Kusumi / FAbULOUS, Hokkaido
Solo Exhibition / Planter / KIITOS hair design / Hokkaido
Solo Exhibition / Hokkaido Arts Foundation Art Space Exhibition vol.19 Erika Kusumi: Ambivalence / Hokkaido Arts Foundation Art Space / Hokkaido
Joint Exhibition / Erika Kusumi and Ikumi Shirayama exhibition / Parallel / space SYMBIOSIS / Hokkaido
Solo Exhibition / Vertical Images of White / Salon Cojica / Hokkaido
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