Mishima Tetsuya

Mishima Tetsuya is a popular artist well known for his decisive, on-the-spot approach and eminent painting technique inspired by the classism.
Aside from voluptuous nudes accentuated by exquisite lines he draws so elegantly, we cannot overlook his still-life paintings which distinguished himself from the start.
Gorgeous flowers, breathtakingly beautiful fruits,elegant brocade are all shining on his canvases. We all but admire his graceful dexterity and abundant eroticism.
ART TAIPEI 2018 / Taipei World Trade Center / Booth Shukado
FINE ART ASIA 2018 / Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre / Booth Shukado
ART FORMOSA 2018 / Taipei Eslite hotel / Booth Shukado
Art Fair Tokyo 2018 / Tokyo International Forum / Booth Shukado
Art Fair Philippines 2018 / The Link Ayala Center Makati / Booth Shukado
ART TAIPEI 2017 / Taipei World Trade Center / Booth Shukado
Member of Japan Artists Association, In charge of lecturing at " Mishima Tetsuya Oil paintings' Course"
Cover design / "Coffin in Flower" written by Nishimura Kyotaro and "Young and Mature Ladyl" written by Dan Oniroku
"venus",oil paints made under his total direction was released from Haruzo Oil Paints
Received "Honorable Mention" medal in the field of still life as a first Japanese at International ARC Salon Competition and in 2006, 2008, 2012 received medals in the field of figures from the same salon and nominated as the finalist in other years
Published his first Album
Solo exhibition (e.g., Seibu Sogo TakanawaKai, Mitsukoshi Department Store Nihonbashi, Takashimaya Department Store
Nihonbashi, Seibu Department Store Ikebukuro, Hankyu Department Store Umeda, Sogo Department Store Yokohama, Sogo Department Store Kobe)
Group Exhibition / Constellation Association / Hanshin
Group Exhibition / Tachiyama Kai Exhibition / Toyama
Group Exhibition / Modern Figurative Exhibition / Hankyu Department Store Umeda
Group Exhibition / Exhibition of "Realistic World" / Iida Bijutsu
Art Fair Tokyo 1995 / Tokyo International Forum
graduated from Central Art Gakuen, exhibited at the Chubi Exhibition, received the Award of Excellence, consecutively exhibited until 1998