Nakakuki Akari

She sculpts the white human body with smooth skin. Charms of her work come from the texture, neutral and somewhat inorganic juxtaposed with the soft form of human body. If 20 century’s expression is to expose man and woman overtly, her expression is beyond the sex and, so to speak, the representation of beautiful form itself regardless of the sex.
Smooth skin as white pottery is appealing yet perplexing to us, recalling us the sexual eroticism. She is a young talent just graduated from Tokyo University of Art and we are looking forward to her burgeoning in full bloom.
ART TAIPEI 2018 / Taipei World Trade Center / Booth Shukado
FINE ART ASIA 2018 / Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre / Booth Shukado
- 凛 - Nihombashi Mitsukoshi art sale 2018 / Nihombashi Mitsukoshi / Booth Shukado
ART FORMOSA 2018 / Taipei Eslite hotel / Booth Shukado
Graduated from Tokyo University of Arts, Master of Fine Arts , majored in sculpture.
Exhibition of Tokyo University of the Arts The 66th Graduation Works / The University Art
Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts / Ueno, Tokyo
Solo Exhibition / Gallery SEIHO / Ginza, Tokyo
AHA Gallery Project / GARAGE MANX by ROLL / Shibuya, Tokyo
Graduated from Musashino Art University, Bachelor of Fine Arts, majored in sculpture.
Excellence Award / Musashino Art University Degree Show 2016
AHA Gallery Project /Luna Route / Shibuya,Tokyo
Group Exhibition / Itsudatsu-Ten / Musashino Art University
Group Exhibition / Mabataki-Do/ Musashino Art University
Sapphire / Aoyama ever / Aoyama, Tokyo
Narimono-Ten / AS ANTIQUES Gallery Daikanyama / Daikannyam, Tokyo
AHA Gallery Project / Luna Route / Shibuya,Tokyo
ARTISTS' CAFE vol.0 Ginza Modern Art Gallery / Ginza, Tokyo
Graduated from interior design faculty of Tokyo Metropolitan industrial arts High School.