Taguchi Yuka

Decades of years have passed since "the downfall theory of Japanese painting" was developed. Is there a future in Japanese style paintings with mineral pigment and hide glue? Against that argument, she obediently draws, with respect for the paintings from Edo to Meiji and with reverence for women.
She, as a contemporary artist, is asking herself what she can do for this problem, and keeps challenging everyday to depict people and creatures with enthusiasm.
Group Exhibition/ Media Cosmos/ Gifu, Gifu
Group Exhibition/ Chokodo Gallery/ Gifu, Gifu
Group Exhibition/ Art Space Kin Gyo Koo Kan/ Taipei, Taiwan
Solo Exhibition/ Tobu Ikebukuro Art Market
Art book / Bijinga Zukushi vol.2/ Geijutu News Publication
Art Prize/ Sato Sakura Museum Oka-Sho Prize Exhibition/ Sato Sakura Museum/ Tokyo
AFFORDABLE ART FAIR SINGAPORE 2017 / F1 Pit Building,Singapore
Group Exhibiton/ Itsuki Art Gallery/ Shinbashi, Tokyo
Group Exhibition / Necollection / Shukado Gallery
Solo Exhibition/ Gallery Seek/ Kyobashi, Tokyo
Completed Tokyo University of the Arts graduate school of Japanese painting major
AFFORDABLE ART FAIR SINGAPORE 2016 / F1 Pit Building,Singapore/ Booth Gallery Seek
Group Exhibition/ Tokyo University of the Arts Chinretsukan Gallery/ Ueno, Tokyo
Art book / Bijinga Zukushi/ Geijutu News Publication
Art Prize / SOMPO JAPAN NIPPONKOA FACE2015 / Shinjuku, Tokyo
Entry to Tokyo University of the Arts graduate school of Japanese painting major
Won the Best sales award of the art fair +plus-ultra/ Omotesando, Tokyo
Mitsubishi Cooperation Art Gate Scholarship Program exhibition/ EYE OF GYRE/ Omotesando, Tokyo
Scholarship for Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program
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