Murakami Hitomi

Speaking of ceramic figurines, we may conjure up Meissen or Lladoro porcelain wares which have flavors of optimistic romanticism. However, Murakami’s figurines of ceramics usually remind us of the association toward death. Most of them are represented by the decaying plant-like images of dying woman.
On the “ware”, that is, the most human primitive creations made of lump of earth and fire, Murakami superposes the “ware” as of woman, who produces next lives receiving phallus and all kinds of good or ill fortunes. Her figurines expose the belly cavity and take roots and integrate with the earth in the end with a look of rapt resignation.
A stream of life that a girl after growing becomes a woman and has children and finally perishes yet a line of life continues, is condensed and expressed in her figurines. Sometimes, she creates woman’s beasts with a touch of humor. It may seem a bit grotesque or bizarre, but to be fair, she deftly embodies the grace of woman’s body given to the world.
Group Exhibition/ parabolica-bis/ Yanagibashi, Tokyo
BLIND PEAK 2 “Naked Babylon”/ SHINOBAZU GALLERY/ Nihonbashi, Tokyo
Group Exhibition/ Bunkamura Gallery/ Shibuya, Tokyo
Mari Shimizu × Hitomi Murakami Maria's closed garden / Zaroff / Hatsudai, Tokyo
Alice Fantasy Strange / Bunkamura / Shibuya, Tokyo
Solo Exhibition/ roidworksgallery/ Yushima, Tokyo
Group Exhibition/ Bunkamura Gallery/ Shibuya, Tokyo
Field Of Now/ GINZA YOKYO HALL /Ginza, Tokyo/ Booth roidworksgallery
Solo exhibition / collector massacre / spiral / Lloyd Works gallery / Yushima, Tokyo
Award / Aichi Prefectural Arts University completion graduation work
Excellence Award / Seto City Art Exhibition, the 68th in 2015 / Sculpture Section
Excellence Award / Aichi Prefectural University of Arts University 2014
tears of fish girl / Gallery Kunimatsu / Aoyama, Tokyo
Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts awarded sculpture excellence student award
Prize / Hori Science and Art Promotion Foundation first prize for H / ASCA exhibition
Best Award / The 13th Three-dimensional Art Competition AAC 2013 / Urban
- KENZAN - / Gallery Kukuni Azumi Award
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