Suzuki Hiroo

Born in Hyogo prefecture in 1986, Hiroo Suzuki earned a MFA degree in conservation and
restoration of Japanese Style Painting from the Tokyo University of the Arts. He replaces some well-known characters appeared in the Ukiyo e or works of the Edo period into adorable child figures which creates a heartwarming atmosphere of joy. The consoling Japanese style embedded with his
professional knowledge and skills of classical paintings attracts numerous art-lovers from
around the globe.
Group Exhibition/
PARCO Ikebukuro/Ikebukuro,Tokyo
Tobi Art Fair / Tokyo Art Club / Booth Shukado
In charge of the painting for TV drama "Kojin" in NHK BS premium
Group Exhibition / Necollection / Shukado Gallery
In charge of the drawing for TV commercial of Nissin Chicken Ramen
Solo Exhibition / Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro / Ikebukuro, Tokyo
Joint Exhibition / Matsuzakaya Department Store Nagoya / Aichi
Tobi Art Fair / Tokyo Art Club / Booth Shukado
Character design for TV commercial of Galaxy S6 edge
Group Exhibition / Kakuno-Kai / Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum / Ueno, Tokyo
Set decorator assistant for Film "TENSHIN"
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