Tomozawa Kotao

If we would admit subcultural goddess, Kotao Tomozawa may be the very person who has received her love all by herself. She was the model of a comic of child rearing titled “No Good Dad” by her mother cartoonist, Momoyo Tomozawa. After having experienced model work or several artistic activities she is now studying at the Tokyo University of Arts and working as a painter. She expresses touch and texture of things with strange brightness and buoyancy.
Her works with exquisite tenderness enshrouding extreme cruelty inside have many complex facets like the extracts boiled down this world, but expression itself is quite simple.
Huge talent comes with huge genuineness. 21st century will welcome her with hearty embrace.
「Pomme d'amour」mograg gallery
「シブヤスタイル」西武渋谷店美術画廊オルタナティブスペース アートショップ
「WAVE2020」 3331artschiyoda
「MIND THE GAP」 The Blank Gallery
「/」゜ 東京藝術大学
「2019年度久米桂一郎奨学金受賞者展示」 yuga gallery
「東京アンデパンダン」 東京藝術大学陳列館
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